about the space
/ 8 rue Saint Polycarpe, 3e étage, 69001 Lyon,
+33 4 69 60 43 93 / code 6214B / us@spacekraftpompadour.com /
The SpaceKraft Pompadour is an apartment sometime space
for exhibition, workshop, place to meet and make party. It is managed
by students from both Graphic Design and Fine Art departments of the
École Nationale des Beaux Arts de Lyon.
about the visual identity / For
each new show, students have to create a new manifest, a new logo,
a 16 pages edition, an online mini site or animation. The only
permanent visual identity is the
font called La Polycarpe existing in
bold, medium and light, font created out of the wooden floor's motif.
if you would like to have this font, just write us by clicking here.
about the name / We wanted a stupid name, something ridiculously
French, bourgeois like this appartment is indeed, combined with some
cheap Science Fiction, cause the future of this space is yet to be told.
For those who may not know, Startrek fan-clubs around the world
usually refer to themselves as ships. In that tradition, we launched
our organization as SpaceKraft Pompadour, (S.K.P for escape) the
day of th Epiphany 2009. A bit of German Force with the «K» inside
the word (so efficient), a bit of English Art&Craft (so necessary).
google®, the first link showing up was this one: http://www.forbid
, and it says: «doctor Who: micro-universe
Spacecraft sets: S.S. Madame de Pompadour – description of the
product: In the 51st century a seemingly abandoned spaceship hangs
in space, the ship is piloted and maintained by a group of Clockwork
robots who have used organic components taken from the original
human crew to maintain the ship’s systems. The robots are creating
time windows leading to the past in order to stalk Madame de
* throughout her life because of a misleading idea that they
require her brain to repair the ships main computer». Actually, the 20
other first pages on google were also refering to some similar item.
We were plenty satisfied with this description, and to ratify our choice
we decided that our
mission will be completed by the time our
SpaceKraft Pompadour will be the only one shownig up on google® list.
about the rules of the game / Ťavec Katya, on a fait un trou dans notre
parapluie pour laisser rentrer le Chat-O, mais au paravent, il a fallu faire
Place Net». The rules are changing every year. Season one : Graphic
designers team, choose other Bohemians in the school, and give them
a place to perform in the midle of our living room. Season two : read the
online description of the workshop the pleasure is mine.
objet du délit
(crime's object) : experimental space against internet shoping mass
media product (ahah), here it is, good luck for us !

*Madame de Pompadour was a talented and beautiful lady who
exerted strong cultural, intellectual and political influence at the
French court, maîtresse en titre of Louis XV from 1745 to 1750.