As any kind of ship, the SpaceKraft Pompadour's crew is going
to change, decrease, grow... We will always keep former sailors
on the list — you have been once on Spacekraft Pompadour,
you will be for ever
season 2 on board : (to be completed the 6 october 2009, launch
of the second season, stay tuned)

passengers : Michelle Ceja, Caitlin Denis, Parker Ito, Bryan Morello

season 1 on board
: Elsa Audouin / Thomas Baile / Thomas
Berthou / Sara Dabbagh / Amélie Goumillou / Quentin Margat /
Agathe Nicolas / Henrik Rossbender / Jonathan Rouah.
passengers : Janette Bleny, Benjamin Collet, Agata Frydrych,
Pierre Gaignard, Karolina Kazmierska, Lucie Lanzini, Quentin
Maussang, Pierre Paulin, Élodie Petit, Clemence Torres.
on shore (teachers): Katya Bonnenfant / Jean-Marie Courant /
Damien Gautier