- Stop to write online your opinions about every thing. Blogs, comments, posts, etc: this attitude contribute to the believing that every thing is subjective, question of point of view or personal free weel. But Opinions are not Politique. It gives you the idea that you are doing something politic, but it's an illusion. True Politique is 1. to find people to fight with, people who are not necessary friends picked by you (political party) 2. to write down commune ideas and statements with this people, even if for that you have to make some compromises with your one opinions (Politique is all about finding compromises, even if this is not funny) 3. to try to change the laws or the structures of the society you are living in, with your commune statements or ideas, creating discussion and transmission spaces. For example: you post on your blog that your want to become a vegetarian for this or that reason ? Nobody care ! But the truth is: every body care too much. And then, while everybody is occupied to write his opinions or read the opinions of the others, nobody is working on making alliances with true strangers. Your online clear consciousness is disgusting. So instead of posting blah-blah, join a party, a group, a collective, and if you really want to talk about animal, find a group fighting against the industry of animal mass-murder. For example.
- Stop to write online things about your personal life and the personal life of others. stop to put photos of yourself online. Me, myself and I, look how pretty I am, look how famous I am, look how crazy I am, look how connected I am, look how my life is interesting. It's pollution. There is more than 4.5 millions of server in the world. It needs an incredible amount of ennergy to have them on days and nights, and to cool them. For example, Facebook servers would use in one year as much as ennergy than 2 millions of frenchs people, or 17 millions or indians people. Google server use 2.1 TeraWatt hour by year, something like 2 Nuclear Power Plants*. But the pollution is also in our brain. Sharing on social networking gives you the ephemeral satisfaction that you are not alone, and that you are one among the ones who «counts» (and 3 minutes later you run to eat your anxiolitics pills). Welcome the anguishes. Incapable to look one seconde on your own loneliness. Sharing is not perpetual disclosure hidden behind a screen. The new confession. Maybe internet can be the place where we can exercise our anti-ego force for once. Instead of spending 3 hours every day on Facebook, spend 3 hours every day on Wikipedia. It's very very far of being the best, but it's at least a place where you can discuss a bit with others and attempt to write something collectively.
- stop to use your name as a label, do the strict necessary and not more: deconstruct the ego-forces, cause they contribute to the Capital. For this reason, this site is intentionaly left empty. Katya Bonnenfant has joined The Old Boys Club for the Better and Worse. The work of an artist is inhabited by you, by them, and not only. This sound again like an opinion, but it's not an opinion, it's an offer. Let's dance.